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vietnamese soup

vietnamese soup

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As a newcomer to the Food & Drinks scene in Kent, the Cookery Studio was nominated by its guests for 'Best Newcomer' in the Kent Life / Kent on Sunday Food & Drink awards 2015. From the nominations submitted our Cookery School was selected as one of the three finalists. We would like to thank all of those who voted for us. Here is one of the nominations from a 'Corporate' guest:

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Quintessential Summer Flavours

The great plan of nature is that, while English gooseberries are ripe and ready for picking, the elderflower trees (Sambucus Nigra) are in full blossom. For a brief moment each summer, the gooseberry and elderflower seasons overlap. Combined, they taste of rural England: verdant and flowery with a refreshing sweet sourness. The flavours of the two together are superlative. A marriage made in heaven - gooseberries and elderflowers complement each other perfectly - an example of nature at its best. For me, jellies bring out memories of childhood and tea parties. Since I love home-made jellies almost as much as home-made ice creams, I have included this delightfully sophisticated gooseberry and elderflower jelly recipe in the Cookery Studio repertoire. This jelly can vary from a fresh green colour to a delicate champagne-pink depending on the variety of gooseberries being used. My garden variety is the red ‘Whinham’s Industry’.

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coriander caraway


You might think it unusual for coriander and caraway seeds to be found in a mediaeval kitchen store cupboard, but this recipe for “Cormarye” (roasted marinated pork) clearly shows that imported spices were enjoyed by at least the well-to-do or well-travelled. This is an exceptionally easy recipe, so why not try it?

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Asparagus Season

May … my favourite month of the year! The arrival of English asparagus heralds the arrival of spring. All around Kent as the beautiful spears pop up their heads, so too do the roadside signs offering this wonderful gem of a vegetable. It is a short season of around eight weeks from mid-April to mid-June when we get to taste the delights of this upright and majestic vegetable. The English have the sweetest asparagus. Look for firm, green spears with tight, crisp tips. The simplest method for cooking is to boil – or steam - for 3 to 6 minutes depending on size and test with a skewer. Serve, drizzled with a little butter.

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Easter Festival Bread

Sweet Dough Easter Fruit & Nut Couronne. This rich sweet dough can be used to create a selection of festival breads. Simply vary the fruits, nuts and spices to create a light, sweet, Easter bread or a rich, spicy version for Christmas.

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choc torte rasp

Recipe of the Month - Chocolate Raspberry Mousse with Raspberry Coulis

This is the ultimate recipe for a really high quality chocolate as the bitterness of the chocolate contrasts well with either a passion fruit purée or raspberry coulis.

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jules cooking

Vietnamese Cooking 'An Com & An Choi'

Cookery Studio hosted Jules Serkin of Channel Radio 'SCOFF & QUAFF', Macknade Fine Foods and Urban Pantry Food among the participants on the Vietnamese Cooking 'An Com & An Choi' course held on 12 February 2015.

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silkworms 2

A Vietnam Odyssey

Vietnam is a real foodies destination and nowhere is the food more vibrant than on the streets and in the market places. On almost every street corner you will see people cooking and eating. The food is fresh, fragrant and vibrant in its diversity and availability. With a real love of Vietnamese food what better way to spend a holiday than on a cultural and food tour of this fascinating country?

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