Gift Certificates

Our classes make an excellent gift for members of your family and friends, especially for special occasions. This really is an original gift idea: we will make sure that the gift of a day's class at the Cookery Studio will be a truly memorable and enjoyable experience. So many of our guests have loved this special experience.

We like to send a smart Gift Certificate and accompanying documentation by post to the purchaser with a view to it being passed on more personally to the recipient. In this situation the Gift Certificate would be double-enveloped (for discretion!), and the inner envelope would be unaddressed and open so that the purchaser could complete the "To" and "From" sections with their own message.

If a Gift Certificate is needed in a hurry, we can send it directly by post to the recipient; and the purchaser is requested to notify us by email of the wording to be entered in the "To" and "From" sections. In extremis, a .pdf version can be emailed for printing out in time to present to the lucky recipient.